Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Allergy Testing

Anyone out there looking to get tested for allergies? New research suggests that fibromyalgia could be a result of inflammation caused by one or more food or environmental allergy. My fibromyalgia doctor (Paul Paily MD in Houston, TX) is trying this avenue on a few of his clients. I'll keep you posted as to what came out of the study and if anyone was found to be allergic to certain foods they think they have bad reactions to. The problem with trying to find your allergy through an elimination diet is that it is extremely hard to do. Also, when looking at this allergy testing company's website, there are foods I've never even thought of listed on the allergy test. They test you for at least 100 foods as well as environmental agents and more. I find this very interesting and I can't wait to hear if it helped anyone my fibromyalgia doctor knows! The testing company can be found at

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