Monday, July 11, 2011

Grocery Store Visit, My Bad Culinary Skills, and a Great Bible Verse about Learning

Ok...I have to level with you all. I have not been eating like I should lately. I've been doing it all- fast foods, fried foods, lots of bread... but I'm going to get back on track. I'm not the best cook, so the way I try to start out eating much healthier is making stirfry meals. I usually buy some fresh squash and zucchini. I go to the freezer isle and purchase frozen shrimp, lots of frozen broccoli, and frozen carrots. I also buy chicken from the produce area. These ingredients combined with salt, pepper, and olive oil can make a great healthy meal. I buy whole grain brown rice to get filled up. If you're like me, you probably need to start out easy. These meals are a great way to do it.
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I purchased some Hamburger Helper for when I feel like cheating and eating fast food. At least I'll have a side of green beans. Did you know that Hamburger Helper has some box meals that are gluten free? I picked up the cheesy hashbrowns box to try it and see if I felt different after eating it (compared to a regular box meal).
You know what I love? V8 V-fusion. I really like this drink because my husband hates veggies and it helps him to get what he needs. It's a little expensive, but for me it's worth the extra couple bucks. I notice that it helps me a little bit when it comes to my regularity- probably because veggies have fiber.
This post may not seem all that interesting, but this is me telling about my day at the grocery store.
I want to try some new recipes for Fibromyalgia, but I need to start out very easy since I never learned to cook. I'll update you on my culinary knowledge status from time to time on this blog.

Here's the bible verse of the day:

Proverbs 12: Whoever loves Discipline loves Knowledge, but he who hates correction is Stupid.

I'm using a bible verse about discipline and knowledge because I need to learn this essential skill. I know I'm not alone in this. Please, if you have easy recipes that are Fibro-friendly, post a comment.

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