Monday, October 3, 2011

Fibromyalgia Diet

I'm back! I've been busy working for the hubby lately. I wanted to let any fellow sufferers know about my new quest for wellness though. I have started a diet for Fibromyalgia and I'm really serious about it this time. I think I had to just realize what was affecting me badly and see some evidence. WebMD has an article about 7 foods to avoid when if you have this disease. Here are the 7 deadly foods:
1. Aspartame
2. Food additives
3. Sugar, fructose, and simple carbohydrates-- I eliminated all carbohydrates since rice still gives me a bad reaction.
4. Caffeine-- tea doesn't really seem to bother me
5. Yeast and Gluten
6. Dairy--- I just avoid drinking milk and eating lots of cheese. Eggs don't bother me.
7. Nightshade Plants: Tomatoes, chili and bell peppers, potatoes, and eggplant----This is what helped me figure out what I always did wrong. I kept on eating tomatoes and peppers. Now I know better!

So this is day 3 and I'm not having crazy cravings. Yey! Oh- and obviously it's way more than just 7 foods- more like 7 types of foods or groups of foods. Let me know what you think.


  1. Interesting. Wonder why no to the nightshades? I already avoid dairy to some extent and only drink a cup of coffee. I did better tho when I didnt drink it at all.....

    Let us know how you do please:)


  2. I actually saw the same results after going through an entire month. The diet definitely helps you de-bloat and trip up a little though. I found that I still had the same flares at the same times of the month as usual. :-( It was worth a shot though. Gotta keep trying!