Monday, February 21, 2011

Fibromyalgia Treatment/Relief Options

Hi all,

I wanted to take the time to show different Fibromyalgia treatment or relief options.  Since there is no cure, these treatments provide temporary relief most of the time.  Beware of any products that say they "cure" fibromyalgia.  You can use some of these treatment options simultaneously.  Consult your doctor about any treatment options you try.

1. Clonozepam
2. Cymbalta
3.  Lyrica
4. Savella

Other methods:
1. Acupuncture
2. Deep Tissue Massages
3. Magnesium
4. Multivitamin
5. Special Diets (there are several but basically take out sugar and non whole wheat carbs)
6. Cupping- Chinese medicine technique
7. Yoga
8. Pilates
9. Walking

It is most important to learn to pace yourself.  That is something I definitely struggle with as many FM sufferers do.  Just remember to keep the faith and keep trying.

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