Monday, May 16, 2011

Dealing with Conflict

What does the bible say about dealing with conflict?
I feel like many of us with chronic pain are terrible at dealing with conflict, inluding me. I can get so wrapped up in negative thoughts sometimes. What should we all do when it is brought to our attention or we finally just realize that we are terrible at this? We should see what the bible says about dealing with our problems in a peaceful manner.
I believe that stress is one of the worst contributors to this disease! How do we get away from it though? We have more money problems than before, pain makes us all extremely impatient, and we lack some basic coping skills.
Before reading or listening to the bible, we should take deap breaths until we feel more calm and collected. This could take seconds or minutes. With our mind clearer, we read or listen to what the bible is telling us better. It is good to try to take notice of particular problems you are having and google them to see if they are talked about in the bible. Don't read hastily. I catch myself doing that a lot.
Let's all make a commitment to deal with our problems better by consulting the Lord about them. It seems easy, but Satan is around every corner trying to say that we don't need God's help, which is completely untrue.
I have been inspired by the Christian participant in this season's "SurvivorMatt Elrod. The way he deals with conflict is so amazing from what I've seen. I think he has been a wonderful witness for Christ.

Click to see what the bible says about dealing with conflict.

God bless everyone! I hope this was encouraging!

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