Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Careers for those with Fibromyalgia

Have you been denied of disability for one technical reason or another? You are not alone. Many people with this condition continue to go to work every day even though it makes them much sicker. Most people with this disease have to be able to have a lot of time off from work in order to keep their job due to constant flares.

First of all, a job that creates a lot of high-stress situations would not be good for a Fibromyalgia patient. Life, of course, always has its stresses that are unavoidable. Those aren't the ones I'm talking about. I'm just giving some advice to those of you who are thinking of taking on a position that will be accompanied by a lot of stress. Don't do it. It's hard enough for those of us with chronic pain to deal with stress to begin with. Try to find a job that is big on work-life balance. Ask around to see how people like working for the company before deciding to work there.

If you cannot be reliable enough for most employers that require physical attendance of their employees, you may want to consider remote positions. A lot of job sites highlight telecommuting as an option that you can check off in their advanced search options. You can also start working for yourself. Freelancing is very popular these days. The disadvantage to Americans, though, is that you are competing with people in 3rd world countries. The best freelancing area to be in is definitely writing. People that do not reside in the United States are going to have a harder time adapting to American readers. This is why many companies will pick an American writer over someone from another country because the quality is usually higher. One of the best sites for this is There are several other sites you can get listed on and bid on projects. It would be wise of you to research certain terms like keywords, keyword density, and SEO before starting to bid on jobs. The best way to get definitions of words these days is to type in "define: 'the word'" and read all definitions. This will save you time. is also a useful site for definitions. You can also become a freelance web designer. This takes talent and education, though. These two things take time to develop, so you might need to do some writing for a while first while you take continuing education courses related to web design and graphic design. Last of all, do not discount church groups when it comes to job networking. Let them know your skills and that you have to be able to work from home. You'd be surprised at the amount of small business owners that are ok with the idea of people working for them remotely.

Bible Verse of The Day:

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” – Phil 4:19

We have to trust that God will meet our needs even though it is hard to see that happening in our current situation. Be resourceful and educate yourself about opportunities. Try to keep a level head throughout the job transition or search process. God will see you though.   

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