Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Did Fibromyalgia Pain Force You to Leave Your Job?

Many of us with this chronic illness find ourselves here at one point or another. Whether we leave the traditional office scene and never come back again or if we just take short term disability and return, the wallet is strained. Those who have quit working but are waiting on disability are really in a bind.
What can we as fellow fibro sufferers do for work? Doing something that makes you happy is what you should do if you can manage from home or part-time. Since depression worsens the pain from this disease, being happy in what you do for a living is very important. There are a few suggestions I have when it comes to working and fibromyalgia.
Think outside the box. Don't just go online looking for jobs working for someone else everyday. This will only lead to frustration and stress, which will lead to more pain. If you do look for a regular job, look only 3 times per week on job boards and only in areas of expertise you will be happy to work in. There are several ways to make money online. There is a site called elance.com where you can freelance from home. You can do several different things from writing articles to tutoring. That brings up another one of my examples. I tutor from my own home. If you are good in any certain subject(s) for certain grades, advertise on neighborhood job boards and pass out flyers around your neighborhood. You may want to meet at a close public place like a library for safety reasons. I also babysit. The money is pretty good from babysitting if you like to do it. Think about the things you love to do or like to talk about and make money writing about things or doing them. It's that simple!
The last suggestion I have is to file for social security disability. If you need the money and you cannot work anymore, that is what it is there for. There are several sites online that can help you file. I would start with the government's social security site.
I hope this got your mind going in the right direction if you need to find work that will suit your lifestyle!


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  2. This is definitely some good advice. I was fortunate that my husband found a job that offered benefits, but before he found the job we were under major stress about the cost of the medications. Thank you for your post!