Friday, March 11, 2011

Does anyone out there watch Dr. Oz every once in a while like me? Have you heard of him? He is a famous doctor who focuses mainly on disease prevention and wellness. He helps many people that are tired and run-down get back to their normal selves.

What does that have to do with us? Well, one show that Dr. Oz did was about getting more energy, which I know I can't get enough of. I read the feeling is the same among other fibromyalgia sufferers. What did he recommend for energy boosters? He did NOT mention caffeine, that's for sure. He did mention a sweet substance called D-Ribose.  You can get it online or at Whole Foods. You might can get it more places, but those are the two I am aware of. This sugar-like substance helped several FM sufferers with their energy level and memory improvement according to a study done in 2006. Dr. Oz also recommended the smell of lemons to wake you up. I tried it and I must say that I at least really like the smell. You can just try mopping with lemon-scented cleaner and see how you feel afterwards. Dr. Oz also said that hitting the snooze button in the morning is a bad idea for those who always walk around feeling tired. Who knew that? He also explained that taking a multivitamin after big meals helps you to feel less tired. Multivitamins are just a good idea, period. You should try to take them after you have eaten something, though.

So that's it for my tips from Dr. Oz about how to get more energy. Hopefully this will help some of you at least a small amount with the fatigue we battle daily.

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